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We are, first and foremost, caring individuals. We will listen to your needs and make sure you are taken care of. We are also highly trained, incredibly experienced professionals. However, we are not your typical attorneys. We rarely bill on an hourly basis, we operate on a flat-fee basis. There will be no hidden fees. No alarms. No surprises. We do not charge you for phone calls. We do not charge you for emails. If you have any problem that you need to discuss, legal or not, you can contact us, day or night.

Using our personalized approach, we work with individuals, families and small to mid-sized businesses to reach the best possible outcome. Our small firm prides itself on its impeccable service and building and maintaining client relationships for life. We want you to think of us as friends, friends that are also “your personal lawyers for life.” After all, wouldn’t it be great to have an attorney permanently on your side?

The iconic pop-star, Prince, died unexpectedly last Thursday at the age of 57. There are a lot of “unknowns” right now, including how he died and what’s to come of his estate. Regarding the latter, unfortunately, if he did not have a trust (or a series of trusts) in place, or even a will, there…

You have children – young children. And you want them to attend college someday, right? Well, as you already know, college isn’t cheap. In fact, college keeps getting more and more expensive over the years. From 1971 until 2012, college tuition, after adjusting for inflation, increased by 259%. So if you were a man attending…

What is probate, and why do I need to avoid it? Probate is a lawsuit you file against yourself, for the benefit of your creditors, using your own money after you die. It is a public proceeding, meaning people can (and will) find out who you leave your assets to. It is lengthy – sometimes…


It's a new type of law firm. One that actually cares about you!

James P.

About 5 years ago I had to unfortunately file for Bankruptcy, and I engaged a firm in Pasadena as my Bankruptcy Attorney. The process was underway, paperwork filled out and fees paid, but I had not heard a word from the attorney that was working with me at the time. So I called the office and an appointment was made to see another attorney, and that person was Brandon Zapf. I was extremely stressed with the situation, and it didn't help as Brandon was tasked with having to tell me that the original attorney had left my case, as well as others in limbo. His professionalism coupled with his calm personality, helped to get my nerves calmed down. He basically started over with me, listening to my questions and helping me through the entire process, completely into the filing of the Bankruptcy. Even after his involvement with my case was complete, he was always open to answering any questions I had and providing guidance. I truly appreciate you Brandon, and what you helped me with and for being an awesome person through it all!

David D.

Brandon is great to work with. He put me at ease from the start and was able to explain things in a way that was easy for me to understand. I asked a lot of questions and he didn't get frustrated and try to rush me like some lawyers have done. I felt really comfortable and know that he did everything the way I wanted.

Carol L.

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