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Hello and welcome! I’m Brandon Zapf – an attorney, husband, and father of three small children.

You’re probably here to see if I’m the right person to navigate you through the estate planning process. That’s the first of many smart decisions I’m sure you are going to make! Choosing the best attorney for you could be the most important step in creating the perfect plan.

My Background

So, let me tell you a little about my background and why I am qualified. I have my undergraduate degree from the University of California, Santa Barbara; my law degree from the University of San Francisco; and my masters in taxation from the University of San Diego. I am a member of Wealth Counsel, the nation’s premier estate planning organization. I am also a member of the California Bar Association and the North County Bar Association. Further, I am a notary public for the state of California. Impressed yet? Bored yet? Well, let’s talk about some fun things. In my free time, I attempt to spend it all with my wife and children. Which means I’m probably no different from you!

Why Zapf Estate Planners?

So how did I get here? Why did I choose to open this firm? Well, prior to opening up Zapf Estate Planners, I was a litigation attorney for a large firm. But something was clearly missing. Each day was fraught with contention, arguments, objections, delay tactics, and general incivility. In litigation, each side wants to destroy the other and “win” the game. Though the war could be exciting, in the end there were rarely any winners. And because I preach positivity in my personal life, I found litigation to be a drain, since it was all about negativity. I obviously needed a change.

Change came soon enough when my first child was born. I wanted to be a doting father who, even though a busy attorney, was actually in his child’s life. I was in search of a career change that would facilitate that happening. Inspiration struck when my wife and I got our estate planning from a lawyer that we hired after a quick search on Google. Turns out the plan that we got wasn’t, to be kind, very good at all. It wasn’t customized to our life and it wasn’t easily updated since we never heard from the attorney again. Lives change, the law changes, and yet we never developed a relationship with our attorney that would last for life.

Since I already possessed a post-doctorate degree in tax, and because I had a relatively good understanding of estate planning at the time, I decided that I could do my estate plan better than it was done for me. I committed myself to becoming an expert in the estate planning field. Not only did I soon rewrite my entire plan (and the plans of my friends and family), but I opened my own law firm so I could provide the best service possible to other parents like me. With our new estate plan in place, my wife and I could rest easy at night knowing that our child(ren) would be taken care of should anything happen to us.

We’re Probably Pretty Similar

Because you’re on this website, I know you’re just like me. Your kids are the most important thing in your world. You will do anything to protect them, provide for them, and raise them right. But only now are you thinking about how to take care of them should you happen to die. Planning for that eventuality could be one of the most important things you ever do.

I knew that by starting this firm I could help people better take care of their children. But I also knew that my firm needed to be different. You see, I think the legal system is broken in a lot of ways. I figured that by starting my own law firm I could at least fix the system for my clients. But how?

How the Law Firm is Different

Well, to begin with, I got rid of the typical hourly billing system and instituted an upfront, flat-fee billing system. As such, your bill will not be based on how quickly or slowly I work. You will know what you’re paying in advance, so you’re not surprised in the end. And since I don’t bill by the hour, this means that all correspondence (emails and phone calls) with me will not cost you at all. There will be no need to fear unexpected bills from me.

Also, I am not the type of attorney to hand you over a stack of documents and never see you again. I don’t operate a mill. I do not work on volume. You are my client, and I want to be your lawyer for life. As such, I strive to maintain an enduring relationship with each and every one of my clients. With other attorneys you may get your estate plan and go home and put it on the shelf where it will sit for an average of 15 years. I refuse to let that happen. With Zapf Estate Planners every estate plan that we create will be reviewed by the firm every few years to ensure it still works for you and your family for years to come. This service is provided at no extra cost to you. Yes, that’s right, it’s free!

Let Me Help You

So, if you’re committed to finding a law firm that will help you make the best legal decisions while you are alive, and will be there for your family after you’re gone, you’ve come to the right place.

Finally, since you’ve come to this website, and because you’ve read this far, it’s obvious that you love your children. And that makes me like you already. So I would love to get to know you personally and begin to care for your family!


  • University of San Diego School of Law, LL.M. in Taxation, Top 20%, 2011
  • University of San Francisco School of Law, J.D., cum laude (Top 15%), 2007
  • University of California, Santa Barbara, B.A., 2003


  • California Bar Association
  • North County Bar Association
  • Central District of California
  • German-American Society
  • California Real Estate Broker #01867551
  • California Notary Public #2088745
  • Wealth Counsel Member
  • Extern for the Hon. George C. Eskin, California Superior Court, 2005
  • Intern for the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office, 2005-2006


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